The controversies surrounding (G)I-IDLE: Shuhua was criticized for unthoughtful remarks, Soyeon was embroiled in a plagiarism scandal  

Despite being a talented group, (G)I-DLE has their share of bad reputation. 

The controversy started at the MMA 2022 where (G)I-DLE attended to perform and bring home new trophies to their collection. To Neverlands’ surprise, IVE won “Best Song of the Year” over (G)I-DLE which soon became a not-so-convincing victory. 

(G)I-DLE has often got into attitude controversies.

Surprisingly enough, (G)I-DLE was sure to express their discontent with the final results. After the award show, Minnie posted a vague Instagram story, saying. “Is it for real?” 

gi-dle mma
(G)I-DLE failed to receive a Grand Prize at the MMA 2022. (Image: AllKpop) 
gi-dle minnie mma
Minnie was believed to be a ‘shade’ towards the organization committee. (Image: Instagram @min.nicha)

Afterwards, the female idol quickly took down her story and uploaded a new one with more direct meaning. Nonetheless, mixed opinions surfaced and reached a high point when it was revealed that (G)I-DLE walked out when the winners of the Daesang were announced. 

gi-dle minnie mma
Minnie’s post drew criticisms. (Image: Instagram @min.nicha)
(G))-DLE left the awards ceremony
(G)I-DLE left the ceremony without any clear reason. (Image: AllKpop) 

Previously, Shuhua was also targeted because of a quick conversation with her fans where she showed her determination of winning the Grand Prize: “I came to get the Daesang, so why would I be nervous?” Some audience members thought (G)I-DLE was too ambitious and was not professional when expressing their attitude, which rubbed onlookers the wrong way. 

gi-dle mma
(G)I-DLE left a bad impression with the public about their poor attitude. (Image: Pinterest) 

Shuhua is the group’s most controversial member by her statements. She has had some questionable responses to her fans. For example, when fans told her not to touch her hair so much, Shuhua replied: “Don’t worry about me, I do whatever I want with my hair, so you should worry about yourself first. Why do you care so much.”

gi-dle shuhua thumbnail
The female idol showed poor attitude when fans were giving her advice. (Image: Pinterest) 

There was a fan on her fansign asking for her wishes before her marriage, Shuhua responded: “I hope you don’t get divorce too soon.”  The joke drew many criticisms her way. 

(G)I-DLE MMA2022
These negative remarks caused controversies. (Image: Music Core) 

In one of the livestreams between Yuqi and Shuhua, Yuqi blurted out a remark: “Shuhua needs to have darker skin for her to be a policewoman” because the police needed to hide in darker spots to catch criminals. Yuqi’s statements soon received much hate for being supposedly racist. 

Yuqi sparked controversies because of her unthoughtful statements. (Image: Music Core) 

Miyeon and Minnie have a close friendship with Lisa (BLACKPINK) before debut. When Minnie received a gift from Lisa, Miyeon commented that she also waited for a gift like the one Minnie had. 

gi-dle minnie lisa instagram
Miyeon, Minnie and Lisa have a close bond. (Image: Allkpop) 

At another occasion, Miyeon said to Lisa: “Hey, Lisa. Next time, send me one too. I was a bit sad.” While the joke was made to be funny, fans believed it put Lisa in an uncomfortable position. 

(g)i-dle miyeon thumbnail
The audience thought Miyeon was not tactful when she mentioned Lisa in that way. (Image: Allkpop) 

Soyeon was also involved in a plagiarism scandal, which escalated for the worse when she had a reputation as a leader and songwriter for the group. She later apologized for the issue. 

Soyeon had her times with controversy of plagiarism. (Image: Pinterest)

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