Netizens find it unfair that Shin Hyun Been appears like a second lead despite being the female lead of “Reborn Rich”

After 6 episodes, “Reborn Rich” is making viewers question the role of the female lead.

Reborn Rich” has now gone one third of the way into its run with 6 episodes depicting the intense economic and political war between the main character Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) with the Soonyang group. Because the first 6 episodes focus on the story of Jin Do Joon’s battle with Soonyang and other economic groups, the female lead Shin Hyun Been has lacked screen time to stand out. 

Shin Hyun Bin Reborn Rich

In episode 1, Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Bin) is introduced as a talented prosecutor. She is dubbed “Soonyang’s grim reaper” as she constantly tries to dig into the problems of this conglomerate. That’s why, even though she only appears briefly in the premiere, viewers have high expectations for a strong and fearless female character who fights for justice. However, due to the reincarnation plot turning the drama to the late 90s setting has lowered the impact of Shin Hyun Been’s character. From the “grim reaper”, she now only appears as a student who loves justice but has not experienced life. Viewers don’t know how long it will take to see Seo Min Young really have “the role of a female lead” in “Reborn Rich”. 

Shin Hyun Bin Reborn Rich

Throughout the first 5 episodes (excluding episode 1, when Hyun Woo was not taken back to life as Do Joon), Seo Min Young barely appears, except for a few brief encounters with Do Joon. The only important screen time of Seo Min Young is when she helps Do Joon realize someone is eavesdropping on him.

Shin Hyun Bin Reborn Rich

Known as the female lead, but Min Young is having less screen time than the supporting female cast. According to the original work, Min Young will later become Hyun Woo’s assistant in the battle to overthrow Soonyang. However, now that the drama has gone 1/3 of the way, viewers want to see Min Young have a stronger presence.

Of course, whether Min Young appears more or less depends on the writer. Shin Hyun Been in general is doing an alright job despite her lack of screen time. However, her tough image is not really convincing. Compared to a young and confusing Song Joong Ki, Shin Hyun Been’s twenties image is said to look “too mature”. 

Shin Hyun Bin Reborn Rich

With all these reasons, the audience feels quite unfair for Shin Hyun Been when she is known as the female lead, but she does not appear in the poster (the drama has 2 posters: the Soonyang family poster and the poster with the two male leads).

“Reborn Rich” airs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on JTBC.

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