Actress Park Ji Yeon expected to be a scene-stealer with her appearance in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” as Park Eun Bin’s client 

Park Ji Yeon announced her appearance in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. 

ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” tells the survival story at a large law firm of a newbie attorney, Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), who has a genius brain and an autism spectrum. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is gaining huge popularity and remains the No.1 most buzzworthy drama at the moment. 

In episode 11 of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which will be broadcast on August 3, actress Park Ji Yeon will appear as Sung Eun Ji, the plaintiff of a trial related to the distribution of lottery winnings. In episode 11’s trailer, Park Ji Yeon says, “I really need that 1.4 billion won,” with mournful eyes and an appealing voice, raising viewers’ curiosity. 

Park Ji Yeon has been shining in different films and dramas with a unique presence, so her performance in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is expected to once again steal the show. 

When she starred as a North Korean defector in MBC’s “The Veil”, Park Ji Yeon enhanced the drama’s mystery with her realistic acting. When she played a judge’s chief assistant in Netflix’s “Juvenile Justice”, Park Ji Yeon drew praise for her portrayal even though she was pregnant during filming. Therefore, viewers are looking forward to her performance in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, broadcast tonight (August 3) at 9pm KST.

Source: daum

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