This female Kpop idol suffers from so many allergies people wonder what she eats to live

STAYC Isa’s list of more than 10 allergies continues to expand with her latest revelation. 

On July 30th, 4th gen Kpop girl group STAYC appeared on the YouTube show “Sunmi’s Showterview”. Here, a group member, Isa, talked about her recently discovered allergy. 

In particular, Sunmi asked Isa how many allergies she have, to which Isa replied: “First of all, I am allergic to melons, as well as apples, peaches, cherries, plums, and pears.”

At this Sunmi was surprised, saying: “Then what do you eat for a living?” 

Other STAYC members also shared that apart from food, Isa has allergic reactions to trees and flowers. “We filmed the MV outdoors, but my sister had a really hard time”, Yoon said.

Meanwhile, Isa confessed that she always carries allergy medicine in case of unforeseen circumstances. She also previously revealed on the web program MMTG that she’s allergic to beans, oats, eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, chicken, and pineapple.

“If I drink soy milk, my throat will get itchy, and if I drink milk, my face will swell up”, Isa said. 

The female idol also previously said on the MBC M’s music program “Show Champion” that while she likes spicy food, she is allergic to red pepper seeds. 

Source: wikitree

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