BLACKPINK’s fans confused between Lisa and Jisoo because of their recent cosplays as each other

Two BLACKPINK members have recently made fans question: Who is the real Lisa and Jisoo? 

On November 9, BLACKPINK’s Lisa surprised fans with her unexpected appearance in Los Angeles without any pictures or news of her schedules in advance. The female idol also made fans excited by dyeing her hair pink for the first time – the hair color that fans always wanted Lisa to have. 

With her new and outstanding pink hair, the “living doll” of BLACKPINK looks even prettier. Notably, Lisa with a bob cut and pink hair reminds many fans of Jisoo in “DDU-DU DDU-DU” MV. Is this a coincidence? 

Jisoo had the same pink bob hair in “DDU-DU DDU-DU” MV 
Don’t they look like twins?

Or perhaps, Lisa wanted to cosplay as her fellow member after Jisoo recently dressed up as the maknae of BLACKPINK on Halloween. Lisa and Jisoo look so similar both times that BLINKs believe they could totally pass for twins. 

Moreover, with her new hair, Lisa has officially completed the pink-haired looks of all 4 members of BLACKPINK.

And finally Lisa with pink hair 

Some comments from fans:

  • I even thought Lisa borrowed Jisoo’s wig from DDU-DU DDU-DU…
  • As expected of BLACKPINK, pink hair is a must
  • Jisoo and Lisa have double hair for sure
  • Earlier Jisoo dressed up as Lisa, now Lisa does the same?
  • Who is the real Lisa and who is Jisoo? I’m lost.
  • Jisoo or Lisa? It’s actually Lisoo and Jisa.

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