Chic modern woman… A top girl group member gave off relaxed vibe while driving a convertible

There is a member of a top girl group who drew attention by sharing her daily life while driving a convertible.

The main character is actress – Girls’ Generation member Seohyun.

On Nov 28th, Seohyun uploaded a photo and a video on her Instagram along with car and kissing lip emoticons.

snsd seohyun instagram

The post showed Seohyun wearing a red turtleneck and driving a convertible.

On this day, she caught the eye by showing off her “chic modern woman” aspect. She wore sunglasses and her long wavy hair fluttered in the wind.

snsd seohyun instagram

In addition, while looking at the camera, she certified her superior visuals and gave off a relaxed vibe, attracting attention.

SNS users expressed their admiration and responded enthusiastically.

SNS users left comments on Seohyun’s Instagram, such as “Pretty, cool and hip Seohyun“, “Awesome, so pretty“, “Her vibe is crazy. Is it New York?“, “Young and rich“, “Crazy. She’s very pretty“…

snsd seohyun instagram

After debuting as the youngest member of Girls’ Generation in 2007, Seohyun and the group released a number of hit songs and received great love. Afterwards, she turned into an actress and gained popularity for her extraordinary acting skills.


She appeared in KBS2’s drama “Jinxed at First”, which ended last August. She also performed on stage after a long time through Girls’ Generation’s album “FOREVER 1”.

Source: Wikitree

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