Jinxed at First’s rating keeps dropping, what a pity for such a cast!

Adapted from a webtoon with gentle and lovely content, this drama was expected to follow in the footsteps of A Business Proposal to create a new super-rating blockbuster.

Jinxed at First” is a Korean drama marking the return of the cult female idol Seohyun (SNSD) alongside the handsome rookie Na In Woo. With the presence of the main couple that possesses a gorgeous appearance in addition to the fairy-like background, and lovely and sweet content, “Jinxed at First” initially received countless positive feedback from the audience.

Jinxed At First

Especially because it is an adaptation of a webtoon with a lovely plot, “Jinx At First” is expected to follow “A Business Proposal”, a hit work earlier this year, to become a blockbuster in terms of ratings. And indeed the drama had a pretty good start with a rating of 3.9% for a midweek drama, then the rating increased to 4.3% for episode 2. On social networks, the audience also gave many compliments for this drama, especially the great visuals and chemistry of the main couple.

Jinxed At First

However, like with many other dramas, the latter storyline of “Jinx At First” gets less appealing. Many fans believe that this drama is only interesting for the first six episodes. After peaking at 4.5% in episode 4, the rating of this drama has steadily declined, dropping to 2.6% in episode 10. The drama has already reached episode 12, and the rating has climbed slightly to 3.3%, which is still lower than the achievement of episode 1. With only four episodes left, the audience believes that the potential for “Jinx At First” to attain a high rating has passed.

business proposal

Netizens’ comments:

  • The First 6 eps were fun but the rest are just dragging and I don’t even know what the point of this drama…
  • The first 4-6 episodes were cute and magical, with the story of Seulbi and the market folks, but now it has become a truly incomprehensible mess since the story shifted to Geumhwa group – I don’t understand what story is being told anymore. Plus the actors playing Min Joon, his dad, and his cousin are all not doing a good job
  • The first few episodes are nice and interesting but suddenly the latest episodes get boring.. the plot is going nowhere with poor character development.
  • Suddenly I lost interest in this drama. It’s getting boring and awkward.
Jinxed At First

Source: K14

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