Because of her daughter, Roa, Jo Yoon Hee made a birthday cake for her ex-husband Lee Dong Gun

In the episode of JTBC’s show “Brave Solo Parenting” aired on September 3, Jo Yoon Hee told the story of her making a birthday cake with her daughter Roa.

Jo Yoon Hee shared in a video, “I usually tell my daughter, Roa, about her father. I still meet him every Sunday and talk to him every Saturday, so making a birthday cake for Roa’s dad is nothing too much for me.

After watching the video, Kim Hyun Sook praised Jo Yoon Hee as “a wonderful modern woman”.

Being asked about the reaction of her ex-husband, Lee Dong Gun, when he received the cake, Jo Yoon Hee said, “He called me and thanked us for the cake. It’s the first birthday present that he received from his daughter Roa, so I think this memory will last in his heart forever.

In response to the story, Yang Jae Jin said, “There is something I always tell my students at the lectures. First, don’t curse your spouse after divorce. Second, don’t take away the child’s father or mother. I feel happy to hear that you did this because it was the birthday of your daughter’s father.”

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