Ahead of returning to showbiz, Shin Jimin had a sweet “date” with Seolhyun

AOA Seolhyun hung out with Jimin, who announced her return to activities.

Seolhyun posted several photos on her Instagram on the 8th with the caption, “Good day.” In the published photo, Seolhyun was eating delicious food and shopping with former AOA leader Jimin.

Earlier, former AOA Kwon Min-ah claimed that she was bullied by Shin Ji-min during her team activities in July 2020. In response, Shin Ji-min announced that she would leave AOA and retire from the entertainment industry.


However, after signing an exclusive contract with a new agency last month, Ji-min announced her return to the entertainment industry.

Netizens who saw Seolhyun, who still maintains a close friendship with Jimin despite a number of controversies, showed various reactions such as “Seolhyun is pretty”, and “They’re still close”.

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