“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” best friends Park Eun Bin and Ha Yoon Kyung stick to each other at the airport as they leave for Bali 

Their friendship is the real-life Woo Young Woo and Dong Geurami. 

On August 8th, the cast of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, including Park Eun Bin, Ha Yoon Kyung, and Joo Jong Hyuk arrived at Incheon International airport together to depart for Bali, Indonesia, where the drama’s cast and crew are having a reward vacation. 

Park Eun-bin Ha Yoon-kyung

In a video taken by the reporters at the airport that was later posted on YouTube, Ha Yoon Kyung attracted attention with how she took care of Park Eun Bin the entire time, even though there was a manager. While greeting the fans, Ha Yoon Kyung quickly wrapped Park Eun Bin’s shoulder when her movements almost overlapped with Joo Jong Hyuk. 

Park Eun-bin Ha Yoon-kyung

While walking side by side, Ha Yoon Kyung, who is taller than Park Eun Bin, naturally placed her hand on Park Eun Bin’s shoulder. The trio of Park Eun Bin, Ha Yoon Kyung, and Joo Jong Hyuk continued to show a friendly atmosphere between them.

Park Eun-bin Ha Yoon-kyung

Netizens who saw the video showed reactions such as “Ha Yoon Kyung kept taking care of Park Eun Bin”, “They are Young Woo and Dong Geurami in real life too”, and “Seeing them warms my heart”.

Source: nate

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