“Street Woman Fighter” Honey J to debut as a singer after joining her best friend’s Jay Park company

Honey J, leader of the hip hop dance crew Holy Bang, will release a new song in August and make her debut as a singer. 

On August 9th, Korean news site Sports Chosun reported that Honey J, who gained attention after appearing on the Mnet program “Street Woman Fighter”, will debut as a singer. 

In particular, Honey J is expected to release a new song in August. Many people are now looking forward to the kind of music Honey J will release in the future, especially after she showed her affinity to sexy hip-hop performances.

honey j

Honey J is the leader of the dance crew Holy Bang, who won the final victory in the Mnet program “Street Woman Fighter”. 

On the show, Honey J often showed a contrasting beauty that radiated both strong girl crush leadership vibes and cute charms. She also went viral with her now iconic line: “Look carefully. It’s a fight between sisters.”

honey j

After “Street Woman Fighter” ended, Honey J, who had been active in various entertainment programs, announced in May that she will join Morevision, a newly-launched entertainment agency founded by her best friend Jay Park.

Previously on August 1st, Morevision drew attention by recruiting all members of Holy Bang. It is expected that HolyBang and Jay Park will both support the grand debut of Honey J.

Source: Insight

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