An ambiguous remark of T.O.P, the only BIGBANG member who didn’t re-sign: “My friends are kicking me”

In an Instagram live back in February 2020, BIGBANG’s T.O.P said, “People are mean. I’m not going to promote in Korea.”

Earlier today (February 7), BIGBANG announced their comeback after a 4-year hiatus. At the same time, the public’s attention has been drawn to member T.O.P, who decided not to renew his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

Back in February 2020, T.O.P expressed uncertainty about his comeback in Korea’s entertainment industry during an Instagram live broadcast. 

BIGBANG T.O.P I’m not going to promote in Korea

T.O.P said, “I just wanted to show this side of me. I think not many people know exactly how I’m doing, so I wanted to show everyone, that’s why I went on live. I’m always sorry to the fans.”

He continued, “I won’t be making a comeback in Korea. I just don’t want to make a comeback. My friends are kicking my legs. They are against me saying this because they know I will appear in news articles again.” He went on, “I have been working on my music these days. People are just mean. Let’s have love. Peace”. These remarks are interpreted as T.O.P recognizing that the public’s gaze toward him or BIGBANG has not been positive. 

BIGBANG T.O.P I’m not going to promote in Korea

In 2019, to a netizen who left a malicious comment on T.O.P’s Instagram saying, “Reflect on yourself. Stop using SNS. Don’t even come back to the industry”, T.O.P came under controversy for replying, “Yes! I don’t intend to do it either. Just look at animal pictures”. He then deleted the comment. 

YG Entertainment announced on February 7th, “BIGBANG is planning to release a new song this spring. The recording of the song has been completed and we are currently preparing to shoot a music video.”

BIGBANG T.O.P I’m not going to promote in Korea

This is BIGBANG’s first new song after 4 years since the single ‘Flower Road‘ was released in March 2018. As it is a new song to come out after a long break of the group, it is expected to draw enthusiastic responses from fans.

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