BIGBANG will make their comeback this spring but T.O.P unexpectedly announced his departure from YG

BIGBANG will finally make a comeback after 4 years, but the sad news is that T.O.P has left YG.

On February 7, Korean media reported that BIGBANG‘s days of hiatus had finally come to an end.  According to YG Entertainment‘s announcement, the group will release a new song in the spring of 2022, they have completed the recording and are preparing to shoot the MV.

T.O.P unexpectedly announced his departure from YG
BIGBANG has finished recording the new song and is preparing to shoot the MV, ready to come back this spring

However, this is not the only information YG announced.  Although BIGBANG is about to make a comeback, fans have to receive the bad news that T.O.P has ended his contract with YG.  The company said: “TOP terminated his contract with YG and will take on many challenges as an artist and businessman. We respect TOP’s opinion that he wants to expand his personal activities besides BIGBANG, and we have discussed it thoroughly with the members”.

T.O.P unexpectedly announced his departure from YG
T.O.P leaves YG but is still willing to work with BIGBANG if it’s possible

Despite leaving YG Entertainment, the male rapper is still a member of BIGBANG and is always ready for future activities with his group. This spring’s comeback will be the first time that netizens can see BIGBANG on the stage after 4 years of absence since their last single ‘Flower Road’ (2018). The lineup has only 4 members left because Seungri has left BIGBANG due to his Burning Sun scandal.

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