aespa Karina and Ningning appeared at an amusement park while wearing couple clothes 

Fans spotted Karina and Ningning hanging out together at the Korean amusement park Everland. 

aespa karina ning ning

Since October 22nd, various eyewitness accounts reported that they saw aespa Karina and Ningning at the amusement park “Everland”. 

aespa karina ning ning

In particular, a Twitter user posted several photos of Karina and Ningning together along with the caption, “I came to Everland and met Karina and Ningning, so I said hello”. 

The photos show Karina and Ninging holding hands while wearing matching black-and-white clothes and hats, looking as if they were a cute couple.

aespa karina ning ning

The netizen also added a cute anecdote of the two, saying, “I was looking at the animals and felt sorry for them, and Ningning, who was also there, said, ‘These bad people’. It was cute.”

Another Twitter user who witnessed Karina and Ningning on the same day said, “Karina’s lips were so pretty even without makeup on. Ningning laughed a lot when she saw a child rolling on the floor. They were adorable.”

aespa karina ning ning

At this, netizens showed various reactions and left comments such as, “Even when they cover up like that, their beauty still shines through”, “The two of them are so cute”. 

Source: Wikitree

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