As a fan recently accused Kris Wu of raping her in the US, a lawyer has urged other victims to speak out

The recent news that a girl has accused Kris Wu of raping her while in the United States has sparked outrage in the internet community.

Recently, Kris Wu’s scandal has shaken the Chinese entertainment industry with allegations of raping underage girls. After the incident involving Du Meidzu broke out, his other crimes were continuously exposed by his victims. But that’s not the end of the story.

On August 10, lawyer Wang Jing told Uschinapress, a newspaper for the Chinese community in the US, that an international student sought her advice on the lawsuit against Wu Yifan. According to the girl, a few years ago, she attended a fan meeting that Kris held in Los Angeles and had the chance to get his personal phone number. After that, the two met privately, and she was sexually abused by him. Lawyers have not provided more details of the case to ensure her privacy.

According to Wang Jing, when the incident happened, the girl was a teenager. The lawyer believed that Kris Wu’s victims in the US might be more than one person. She also called on other victims to come forward and denounce Kris Wu’s criminal acts.

Currently, Kris Wu’s career has completely come to an end. His social media accounts were deleted from all platforms in China. 


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