K-netizens go crazy for how handsome BTS’ RM looks in real life

A post on Pann is gathering attention for stating how handsome BTS’ RM really looks.

How a celebrity looks in real life is of course different from how we do

K-netizens go crazy for how handsome BTS' RM looks in real life

This gif is cut from a video taken at Soribada Awards’ backstage, which shows how BTS’ RM looks in real life.

I didn’t pay much attention to RM’s appearance before, but I was shocked to see this.

He is so handsome is he even real?

A celebrity is of course different from us.

They have the auraㅎㄷㄷ


Oh my! Thank you for posting his photos in the comment section! People always assume that RM is the ugly one and they will try to put him into a mold or whatsoever, but I personally don’t think like that at all. I think that people who have a great personality and intelligence are very attractive, and I think that’s what makes RM shine brightly as a person. To be honest, I’ve seen many idols with stunning looks but have zero talent and say lots of inappropriate things, and I think that RM is a very genuine person after I listen to his talk or watch him work. Also, to those who think that only handsome idols can sell music, watch your words ㅋㅋ It used to be a joke, but now I’m a serious BTS’s fan so I’m gonna stick to them only (I’m already an ARMY before tho…)

Source: Pann

[+77, -2] This is crazy, is he real? He looks like a successful lawyer. 

[+69, -2] I like his dimples, his crazy personality, his responsibility at work, his good fashion sense, his amazing hairstyles and his composing talents as well… My standard is so sweet… I like it~~

K-netizens go crazy for how handsome BTS' RM looks in real life

[+47, -10] Have you ever seen anyone like RM around you? I’m serious! I’ve never seen a person with such amazing personality, intelligence, great leadership, outstanding talent, and warm sincerity like him before.

[+35, -4] That sexiness.



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