“Baby Garden’s patron”…IVE’s agency cut relationship with Synnara Record

Girl group IVE excluded only “Synnara Record” from the pre-order notice of their first full album, which will be released in April.

Recently, Starship Entertainment posted a pre-order notice for IVE’s first full album “I’ve IVE”, which is scheduled to be released on April 10th, on IVE’s official fan cafe.


In the pre-order notice, Starship include various sale sites, including Starship Square, Hot Tracks, Aladdin, and YES24, all except for “Synnara Record”. However, “Synnara Record” was omitted only from the reservation link information, and IVE’s first full album is being pre-sold on the “Synnara Record” website.

Originally, Korean singers included “Synnara Record” when they posted notices of where to purchase albums. IVE also included “Synnara Record” in the pre-order notice for their first, second and third singles.

Regarding the fact that “Synnara Record” was omitted from the pre-order notice, IVE’s fans speculate that this is because “Synnara Record” and “The Baby Garden” were mentioned in the documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” (hereinafter referred to as “In the Name of God”), which was recently released on Netflix.


Episode 5-6 of “In the Name of God”, which was released on March 3rd, revealed the story of Kim Ki Soon, the founder of “The Baby Garden”.

The Baby Garden was founded in 1982 by Kim Ki Soon. Believers of the cult lived as a group at a cooperative farm and worshipped Kim, who called herself “Baby” and committed various evil acts such as sexual assault.


There were also deaths. Three believers, including Choi Nak Gwi, who was 7 years old at that time, lost their lives, and it was claimed that Kim was the perpetrator behind this case. In this regard, Kim was found not guilty, but “In the Name of God” raised doubts again through interviews with victims’ families and believers.


There was also a story about Synnara Record. One of the sources of revenue Kim created is Media Synnara, and she accumulated enormous wealth by running Synnara Record through Media Synnara. A believer who appeared in the documentary testified, “Kim Ki Soon made a lot of money with Synnara Record. She made a big profit because there was no foundation for music business at the time.”

i am god

Meanwhile, on March 13th, Kim Ki Soon already filed injunctions against MBC and Netflix to ban the broadcasting of “In the Name of God” through her legal representative. Baby Garden’s side has also applied for an indirect coercion of 10 million won per day for each violation.

However, according to the Seoul Central District Court on March 20th, Baby Garden’s side filed an injunction against MBC only and withdrew its injunction against Netflix Korea.

The questioning will be held on March 24th.

Source: wikitree

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