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“HMLYCP” and “Earth Mabul World Tour”, variety shows from Kim Tae Ho PD’s company see surging ratings

New variety shows “HMLYCP” and “Earth Mabul World Tour” created by PD Kim Tae Ho’s company have seen surges in ratings and OTT rankings.

The second episode of the ENA variety show “HMLYCP,” which aired on March 19th, recorded a 0.5% viewership rating, ranking 66th in the genre rankings and 17th in the entertainment rankings (according to Nielsen Korea), showing an increase in both viewership and genre rankings. 


The first episode, which aired on March 12th, recorded a 0.3% viewership rating, ranking 130th in the genre rankings and 49th in the entertainment rankings.

Similarly, “Earth Mabul World Tour” also showed a slight increase in ratings on ENA, recording a 1.19% viewership rating, ranking 13th in the genre rankings and 6th in the entertainment rankings in its third episode.


In addition, on the OTT platform TVing, “HMLYCP” ranked 4th, and “Earth Mabul World Tour” ranked 9th. “Earth Mabul World Tour” also ranked 7th in the “Top 10 Series in Korea Today” on Netflix.

“HMLYCP” and “Earth Mabul World Tour” are new variety shows launched by a company created by Kim Tae Ho PD for ENA channel. 

“HMLYCP” is directed by Lee Tae Kyung PD, who directed tvN’s variety show “Amazing Saturday”, while “Earth Mabul World Tour” is directed by Kim Tae Ho PD.

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“HMLYCP” tells the story of Hyeri, Miyeon, Lee Jung, Choi Yena, Kim Chaewon, and Patricia living together in a secluded countryside house and earning money through games. It airs every Sunday at 7:30 pm KST on the ENA channel and is also available on TVing, Wavve, and Netflix. 


Meanwhile, “Earth Mabul World Tour” is a travel variety show where travel YouTubers roll the dice to embark on a journey to a random country. The person with the highest total views will be offered the opportunity to travel to space. It airs every Saturday at 7:50 pm KST on the ENA channel and is also available on TVing and Netflix.

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