“BTS Jin is not a kindergartener”, said military bulletin board over fans’ concerns

The community manager of Division 5, where BTS’s Jin is enlisted, responded to fans asking about his diet.

On December 13th, BTS’s Jin enlisted in the 35th Infantry Brigade boot camp of Division 5 of the Army in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do. When the news spread that Jin would undergo basic military training for 5 weeks here, fans left numerous messages on “The Camp”, a public military communication service.

“The Camp” is a company that provides various services to soldiers and their families before enlistment, military service, and after discharge, and has nothing to do with the military authorities.


After Jin‘s enlistment, numerous posts asking about his well-being appear on the free bulletin board of Division 5 on The Camp.

A fan’s post reads, “Do soldiers often eat foods that contain potatoes, garlic, and fish in their menu? Seok Jin is allergic to potatoes, garlic, and fish. I want to ask if they often eat such foods.”

In response, Mr. A, who runs Division 5 community (camp), replied, “He is not a kindergartener! But the military understands all this. That’s why we control their diet.”

Some soldiers’ families have expressed their displeasure at the numerous posts worrying about Jin. They said, “Who is Kim Seok Jin, why are you flooding (the bulletin board)? Do you know the word ‘moderately’?”, “It’s annoying. This is a place where all the families with sons sent to the military are praying for their safety and comforting each other, so please refrain from posting random things,” “Don’t come to a place that’s not even a fancafe and start posting randomly.”


A eventually opened a separate bulletin board named “BTS Jin A.R.M.Y” in the community for Division 5, gathered fans together, and posted an announcement.

A explained, “This Division 5 camp room is the place for those who are serving or already being discharged from Division 5 and newly recruited soldiers with their families and friends to comfort, encourage and support each other”, adding “I’m also a father of a son who used to serve in Division 5. Our camp provides pensions, lunches, and snacks at a place near the unit for trainees whose parents or friends didn’t attend the completion ceremony at the boot camp.”

He continued, “Camp room and Division 5 unit have no direct relationship. You can think of this as Division 5’s supporter”, adding “Many fans joined this camp room after BTS Kim Seok Jin enlisted at the recruit training center’s Division 5, so I added a separate bulletin board for you all”.


A also listed some requests for fans. First of all, he emphasized, “Don’t send letters of encouragement online. It is because other soldiers who are receiving training or those who enlisted on the same day as Jin may not be able to receive letters from their parents and friends in time if there is a server down due to excessive access for sending encouraging letters.”

He also told fans to refrain from sending handwritten letters or gifts. He said, “If too many letters are sent to the boot camp, it can cause troubles to the personnel in charge, who are already overloaded with work and training”.

Finally, he suggested that fans use the fan community Weverse to communicate with Jin instead of sending encouraging letters.

A said, “I’m not delivering a notice from Division 5 but this is my personal announcement to fans on behalf of parents who are also worried about their sons in the training center”, adding “I hope you can communicate comfortably and share news about BTS here. I hope fans can show their support for idols in a mature way.”

Source: Daum

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