Shin Jimin’s side released official statement, “Comeback in January, no decision on broadcasting activities”

Former AOA member Shin Jimin is preparing for a comeback in January 2023, but broadcasting plans have yet to be decided. 

On the afternoon of December 15th, an official of ALOMALO Entertainment told media outlet OSEN, “It is true that Shin Jimin is preparing to release new music in around mid-January”. 

According to this official, Shin Jimin has completed the jacket photoshoot ahead of the release of her new song. However, it is not true that she has finished filming for the music video. “Currently, after finishing the jacket photoshoot, we are organizing the comeback schedule to be on the 3rd or 4th week of January,” the official said. 


When asked about promotion activities that Shin Jimin will start after releasing her new song, the agency announced that whether she will have broadcasting activities has not yet been decided. 

In the past, Shin Jimin was accused of bullying her former group member Kwon Mina and decided to leave AOA. Afterwards, she went on a hiatus before returning via the JTBC audition show “Second World”, which first aired in August. 

Source: Daum 

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