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Ahn Eun-jin Confessed Her Love For NewJeans’s Hanni, “I Was Completely Taken Aback When She Looked At Me”

Episode 415 of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”, which aired on January 6th, featured the guest appearances of Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun-jin, who dominated 2023 with the drama “My Dearest.”

ahn eun jin

On the broadcast, Ahn Eun-jin talked about having an idol, which she previously mentioned in “You Quiz on the Block”, saying “Being a fan is the vitality of life”. When asked who her idol is, the actress said, “My idols keep changing all the time. I tend to pay attention to groups that have a lot of activities”.

Ahn Eun-jin then revealed the story of when she had eye contact with NewJeans’s Hanni while the group was performing a celebration stage at an awards ceremony.

ahn eun jin

She said, “I was watching the performance and Hanni looked at me. I was completely taken aback as if I was hit in the back of the head. She really looked into my eyes“, bragging about her eye contact moment.

Knowing Bros Ahn Eun-jin Nam goong min

Later, Ahn Eun-jin received a balance question asking her to choose between “talking to Hanni 1:1 for 10 minutes” and “going to a NewJeans concert that is hard to get a ticket”. She naturally selected the second option, saying “You shouldn’t meet your favorite idols in person too close. Being a fan means combining your love for them with your fantasies. When you meet the idol in person, you will realize that they are just some person under the same sky as you”.

Source: Daum

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