Kang Gil Woo impresses with his role in “The Glory,” choosing Song Hye Kyo over his father

Actor Kang Gil Woo left a deep impression as Kim Soo Han, a man who hides his evil side behind his smile in the Netflix series “The Glory.”

The Glory” (written by Kim Eun Sook, directed by Ahn Gil Ho, produced by Hwa&Dam Pictures) is a Netflix series about a woman whose soul has been broken by school violence, and the desperate revenge plan that she has carefully prepared her whole life.

Kang Gil Woo, a psychopath crossing the boundaries of good and evil, continues to go viral among global viewers since “The Glory” was released on Dec 30th.

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Kang Gil Woo plays Kim Soo Han, son of the homeroom teacher who turned a blind eye despite knowing about the terrible school violence inflicted on Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) in the past. He drew attention by showing his favor to his junior Moon Dong Eun.

However, earlier, Moon Dong Eun turned out to have deliberately established a relationship with Kim Soo Han for her revenge. Finally, just before the most glorious moment of glory, Kim Soo Han faced the ugly actions his father had done to Moon Dong Eun in the past.

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Kim Soo Han, who only wanted to become the school vice-commissioner, pushed his father to his death to protect his honor. For a father who has pollen allergy due to asthma, he suffocated his father by filling the house with flowers. Kim Soo Han’s slow voice, which approached his father who was struggling with pain, impressed every viewers of “The Glory”. His action of taking the watch on the wrist of his father, who has already become a cold body, is bizarre and creepy to the viewers.

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In this way, Kang Gil Woo shows a new face to the public once again by completely creating Kim Soo Han, who hid a devil-like inner side that could ruthlessly kill even his father if he became an obstacle to his future behind his friendly and kind smile. The finely distorted expression, rapid adjustment of his voice, and his mad eyes brought extreme tension to the audience. He became a chess piece in the hand of Moon Dong Eun, who has risked her whole life to plan her revenge. His acting, which shows a new side that has never been seen before, continues to receive favorable reviews.

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Kang Gil Woo has solidified his status in the independent film industry with his calm and detailed portrayal of characters. He successfully settled in the drama department through the recently ended drama “Reborn Rich” as “Director Baek,” an accountant-turned-analyst and secretary of Jin Dong Ki (Jo Han Chul).

The public’s expectations towards Kang Gil Woo, who is showing impressive acting based on his deep understanding and interpretation of the character, will certainly rise after “The Glory”.

Source: Newsen

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