The reason aespa members said they would never shoot “solo advertisements” that could make a lot of money

Idol group aespa’s members showed off their intimate friendship.

On the July 12th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope”, aespa, which made a comeback with their new song “Girls”, appeared and shared various stories.

On this day, Kim Shin-young started the broadcast by saying, “We’ll play the ‘what if’ game that aespa is into these days.

“What if” is a popular game among the MZ generation these days. In this game, a person assumes a difficult but probable situation and the other party answers.

Kim Shin-young first asked the youngest member Ningning, “If you receive an offer for a solo advertisement, would you shoot it alone or give up for other members?

Ningning answered firmly, “Of course, I’ll give up for other members. We once talked about this.

Kim Shin-young continued to ask other members the same question. Karina replied, “I’ll definitely give up.

Winter and Giselle also surprised everyone by saying that they would keep their loyalty to the members rather than money.

Kim Shin-young was surprised after hearing aespa’s answer. She made everyone burst into laughter as she said, “If there’s a solo advertisement for me, I’ll shoot it right away without thinking about Celeb Five members.

On this day, aespa also revealed their honest thoughts after receiving the guided version for the new song “Girls”.

Karina, who is known to enjoy listening to SM Entertainment seniors’ songs, confessed, “To be honest, I thought it was really ‘SM-like’.”

She added that it was difficult to interpret the song and she had a lot of worries, saying, “I could hear all the songs of NCT, TVXQ and SHINee in one song.

Other members agreed that they felt the same way as Karina.

Meanwhile, aespa, which released hit songs such as “Black Mamba” and “Next Level” one after another, is a representative girl group of K-pop’s fourth generation that is gaining huge popularity both in Korea and abroad.

Source: insight

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