“All Of Us Are Dead” star Park Solomon talks “Revenge Of Others”, his dramatic popularity growth, future goals, and more

Park Solomon wants his next character to be a student who worries about grades, instead of life or death. 

Disney+’s “Revenge of Others” released on November 9th, is a teen revenge thriller about Chanmi, who sets out to find the truth about her twin brother’s death, and Soo Heon, who seeks revenge against an unfair world. They get caught up in a shocking incident that shakes their lives. 

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In an interview for “Revenge of Others” held in Jongno-gu, Seoul on December 15th, Park Solomon talked about working with other actors, his thoughts on this year, and future goals.

Park Solomon said about Shin Ye Eun, who plays Chanmi, “I am grateful and reassured that she has strong leadership. She took care of me a lot on set. I think the second half of the drama is more special and strange because we didn’t touch each other much until the second half and there weren’t that many melodrama lines.”

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He also talked about Chae Sang Woo, who plays Ki Oh Sung. Park Solomon said, “I’m a friend of the same age as Chae Sang Woo. We had a lot of action scenes together. Whenever our characters met, I hit Ki Oh Sung or he grabbed me by the collar. When I go home after filming, I feel like, ‘I got bruised because of you.’ I contacted him and said that.” 

He picked Sa Joong Kyung (played by Jin Ho Eun) as the character he disliked the most in the drama. Park Solomon said, “I’ve been in the same class as Jin Ho Eun since the first year of middle school, and he also appeared in ‘All of Us Are Dead.’ We were acting, but maybe because he is my friend, he was even more annoying. He acted so well that it was both annoying and fascinating. I thought it would be comfortable because we are friends, but I was a little more careful when we met as an actor versus an actor.”

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Talking about Netflix’s hit “All Of Us Are Dead” that made him an overnight star, Park Solomon said, “I didn’t know what to do when ‘All Of Us Are Dead” came out and I gratefully received much interest. I tried to calm that mind as much as possible so that I could focus on filming. It didn’t feel too burdensome.” 

Both series were released exclusively through global OTT.  In particular, after the release of “All Of Us Are Dead”, Park Solomon went viral as the number of his Instagram followers increased by nearly 5 million. He expressed his gratitude, saying, “My (Instagram followers) increased dramatically. It is still increasing, and there are many comments. I never imagined that so many fans would like me. I am so grateful.”

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He added, “When ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ was released, I was filming ‘Revenge Of Others’, so I didn’t realize the popularity. I usually don’t go outside because I invest a lot in self-development, whether I take classes or exercise. I don’t think there were many people who recognized me. I don’t think I felt much (of my) popularity outside.”

Park Solomon, who is 183 cm tall, said that exercise is his hobby, “I exercised as soon as I became a high school student. I gained 25 kilograms. I originally had a small body so I ate five meals a day and built myself a body to live or die. At the time, I was 53-54kg. If I don’t exercise, I lose weight. I ate until I was about to throw up. It was hard to chew chicken, so I ground it and drank it with water.”

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Park Solomon is steadily growing through various efforts.  He said, “I feel that I’m lacking a lot. As soon as filming was over, I practiced vocalization about three times a week. I also exercise steadily. I am taking acting classes and learning English. I’m trying to invest time in self-development.”

He said, “I’ve fought zombies and acted as a revenge agent, so I want to do a youth drama that warms viewers’ hearts rather than a genre drama. I think it would be nice to play a high school student again, because I don’t think I’ll be able to do so in a few more years. I want to play a student who worries about grades, not life or death, in a world where no one dies,” drawing laughter. 

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Park Solomon, who has been busy in 2022, said, “I am proud to be able to finish ‘Revenge Of Others’ well. I am grateful that many good things have happened this year. I will live harder to repay what I received as much as possible. I want to become a trustworthy actor who always grows.”

Source: Daum

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