“The swimsuit goes down…” Sunmi reveals how she prevents stage accidents when performing at events like the Water Bomb festival

Sunmi, who had legendary performance at the “Water Bomb” music festival, delivered her reviews about performing with water.

On July 1st, singer Sunmi appeared on the Youtube channel “차린 건 쥐뿔도 없지만” and talked about various things.

While talking to MC Lee Young-ji, Sunmi recalled the accident when her swimsuit went down at “Water Bomb”. She said, “I bought a luxury swimsuit for the performance. But later on, I found that there was a marking saying ‘Don’t wear it for swimming’. I didn’t know it at first.

She explained, “The swimsuit has too good tension that once it becomes wet, it goes down. The fabric becomes heavy when it gets wet and it makes the swimsuit go down.

Regarding the reason why that swimsuit did not cause a stage accident, Sunmi said, “There is a thing called ‘nipple sticker’ nowadays. I always use the nipple sticker to prevent those situations.

Sunmi continued to reveal her tips, saying “If you feel like sweating a lot, you shouldn’t wear a silicon patch. The silicon detaches when you sweat so I suggest you use the sticker.”

Meanwhile, Sunmi received a big round of applause for her bold exposure and passionate performance at the 2018 Water Bomb festival. She recently made her comeback with the new single ‘Heart Burn’. She also drew attention by being selected as the MC for the web variety show “Show!terview”.

Source: wikitree

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