Amid controversy over Lee Seung Gi being treated unfairly by HOOK, netizens mention artists who are under good companies

While Lee Seung Gi’s dispute with HOOK over revenue continues, singers who talked about their good companies drew attention.

Dispatch recently reported that singer-actor Lee Seung Gi, who released numerous hit songs such as “Will You Marry Me”, “Love Taught Me To Drink”, “Losing My Mind”, “White Lie”, “Because You’re My Woman” and “Delete”, did not receive any music revenue from his agency for 18 years. 

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Shockingly, it is known that Lee Seung Gi had to be self-conscious when eating at work. Lee Seung Gi had to report it to HOOK’s CEO Kwon Jin Young even when he spent 27,000 won for dinner with sandwiches and coffee, and pay for some meals himself. 

While HOOK is at the center of attention as a “bad agency” that treated top star Lee Seung Gi unfairly, netizens listed out “good agencies” that provide expensive meals and delicious food to their artists.

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Appearing on Channel S’s original program “Map to Go Again”, SG Wannabe members made headlines when they revealed that they spent 30 million won a month on breakfast alone. 

During the broadcast, Kim Yong Joon surprised everyone when he said, “Lee Seok Hoon ate 30 million won sushi”.

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According to Kim Yong Joon, SG Wannabe members stayed in japan for a month to prepare for their album. During that time, Lee Seok Hoon and Kim Jin Ho ate sushi on the first floor of the hotel every morning. In addition, the sushi alone cost each of them 30 million won. 

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Embarrassed by Kim Yong Joon’s revelation, Lee Seok Hoon explained, “I had no idea that it would be so expensive. If I had known about it beforehand, I wouldn’t have eaten that much”, drawing laughter.

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He continued, “Since then, hotels chosen as our accommodations are now down to 4 stars”, making everyone laugh so hard.

Meanwhile, Song Ga In and her staff are also known to have spent about 10 million won a month on food. 

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Song Ga In appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star” in the past and confessed, “I often see managers of other celebrities eat ramen or gimbap”, adding “People work hard to earn their living, how can they only eat gimbap? That’s why I bought beef for my manager”.


SEVENTEEN members are also eating high-quality meals. SEVENTEEN’s manager once revealed that the company spent more than 1 million won on the members’ daily meals alone.

Source: Insight

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