Amid the “Lee Seung Gi incident”, daily-life whereabouts of his longtime labelmate Lee Seo Jin gains attention 

As the controversy over Lee Seung Gi’s payment is growing, the daily life of artists under Hook Entertainment are receiving attention.

On November 24th, a media outlet exclusively reported a picture of Lee Seo Jin watching an NBA game in Los Angeles with actress Jung Yu-mi.

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Lee Seo Jin, a longtime fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, was watching basketball with Jung Yumi, whom he became close to through the reality show “Youn’s Kitchen”.

In the meantime, Lee Seo Jin’s agency, Hook Entertainment was raided on charges of embezzlement of management on November 10th. Lee Seung Gi, who has been under the same agency for 18 years, sent a certification of contents due to payment issues.

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Lee Seo Jin has been managed by Hook Entertainment for 12 years since 2010. When it comes to Hook Entertainment, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin first come to people’s mind as Hook’s representative artists.

However, Lee Seo Jin is only an artist. The management of the company is the responsibility of CEO Kwon Jin Young. It is unreasonable to assume that Lee Seo Jin was aware of Lee Seung Gi’s payment problem, as it is polite not to ask your colleagues about their salary, no matter how close they are. If Lee Seo Jin also had a payment issue, he would have to resolve it with the company through a lawsuit.

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Lee Seo Jin studied abroad in the US, and it is known that he travels to the US frequently enough to create related entertainment programs, so it is never new for him to be spotted on the basketball court in LA. He has often shown his love for basketball on TV.

In addition, Lee Seo Jin will soon begin filming for “It’s Seo Jin” (tentative title), a spin-off of tvN’s “Youn’s Kitchen”. Jung Yumi, who worked together with Lee Seo Jin in this series, is also positively discussing her appearance. While Jung Yumi’s joining the spin-off is uncertain, it is not surprising to see the two together in a foreign country.

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The same goes for the recent controversy surrounding Lee Sun Hee. Lee Sun Hee is also suspected of having been unaware of Lee Seung Gi’s payment problem despite being his mentor who has been under the same agency since his debut. In particular, CEO Kwon established Hook Entertainment in 2002 after working as Lee Sun Hee’s manager for a long time.

However, although she is being pointed out as a bystander, it is a fact that Lee Sun Hee is also just an affiliated celebrity with no stake in Hook Entertainment. 

Lee Seung Gi sent a certification of content requesting transparent payment against Hook Entertainment. Later, after his debut, it was revealed that he had not received any profit from his music releases for 18 years, shocking the public.

Source: Nate.

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