Netizens cast suspicious eyes on Lee Sun Hee amidst Lee Seung Gi’s music revenue controversy

Amid Lee Seung Gi and HOOK’s music revenue dispute, attention is also drawn to Lee Sun Hee, HOOK’s first artist and the person who led Lee Seung Gi into showbiz.

Earlier, Dispatch exclusively reported that Lee Seung Gi sent a content certification demanding the disclosure of his music revenue details because he has not received any settlements for 27 albums he released over the past 18 years. Accordingly, although Lee Seung Gi is estimated to have made over 10 billion won in music profits, HOOK called him a ‘minus singer’ as an excuse to gaslight and not pay him any money. In the process, guitarist Lee Byung Ho, who worked with Lee Seung Gi on his 6th album, came out as another victim.

Lee Seung-gi Lee Sun Hee

In response, HOOK’s CEO Kwon Jin Young released a statement. He apologized for the recent controversies surrounding HOOK and said, “We are currently in the process of checking the facts and there is room for legal action in the future, so we ask for your understanding once again on the part that we will be refraining from expressing positions”. However, his vague explanation got criticized by netizens. 

Despite HOOK’s apology, the controversy is still intensifying, and the public is also casting a suspicious gaze on Lee Sun Hee, known as Lee Seung Gi’s teacher. The anecdote of Lee Sun Hee discovering Lee Seung Gi when he was in a high school band then instructing and helping him debut with the trust and support of Lee Seung Gi’s parents, who were fans of Lee Sun Hee, is already very famous.

lee sun hee

Lee Seung Gi has maintained his extraordinary relationship with Lee Sun Hee as he often refers to her as “my teacher forever”. Recently, the two appeared on JTBC’s entertainment program “Sing Again” together and showed off their close teacher-student relationship. This is why many people are questioning whether Lee Sun Hee knows about the fact that Lee Seung Gi is not properly treated by their agency as a singer or not.

The focus is on whether Lee Sun Hee is involved in HOOK’s management. Lee Sun Hee may not know the overall management situation of the company if she’s just a normal artist under HOOK like Lee Seung Gi. However, since the female singer is a representative entertainer who was part of the establishment of HOOK, there are speculations that she may have been aware of the situation to some extent.

In addition, Lee Sun Hee also revealed that HOOK unilaterally registered her as a candidate for the city council election. As she won the election, the singer ended up serving as a politician for 4 years. As her past remarks on such issues have been re-examined, suspicions over HOOK’s careless management as the main problem continue. 

Source: Daum

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