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A transgender’s confession: “30% happy as a man, 90% happy as a woman,” Park Mi Sun: “She’s my style”

Park Mi Sun admired the appearance of a transgender guest, saying, “She’s my style.”

On Nov 22nd, the first episode of Channel S entertainment program “Attack on Sisters” featured Yoon Ji, a guest who had lived as a man until a year and a half ago before becoming a woman.

attack on sisters

After looking at Yoon Ji’s past photos as a Youtuber, Park Mi Sun exclaimed, “I think you were so handsome as a man. You must have been popular with women, too. I’m sorry to say this, but it’s such a bummer. You are so my style. So good-looking. You must have been the pride of your family.” Yoon Ji added, “My relatives asked if I was an actor when we met at wedding events.

Kim Yoon Ji shared, “I’m still legally a 1 (male). I have been agonizing over my gender identity since adolescence. However, I still haven’t told my father this. I met my father last Chuseok after hiding my hair and makeup. I tried (to talk to my father) a few times, but I didn’t have the courage.” She added that she decided to appear because she wanted to get help from the show.

attack on sisters

My mother already knows. I woke up at the police station after losing consciousness because I drank too much. I saw my mother who came as my guardian. My mother said after seeing me, ‘Why do you live like this?’ When the female officer checked my ID card and saw that my ID number is 1 (male), she said, “So you are a man, but you go around like this,” adding, “She even told my mother that she should take me to a mental hospital because dressing up as a woman is a disease.

attack on sisters

Meanwhile, Yoon Ji confessed, “When I live as a man, I am only 30% happy while I am 90% happy as a woman,” adding, “I am currently working as a YouTuber and streamer, but I receive 1 million won in pocket money each time from my parents due to the low profits.

In response, Park Mi Sun said, “Do you not tell your father the truth because you cannot be economically independent right away? It’s good to talk like this on air, but it’s better to do it face-to-face,” and advised her to first express her sincerity to her parents.

Source: Sports Chosun

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