From Kara to Stray Kids… “2022 MAMA” performance spoiler

“2022 MAMA AWARDS” heralded impressive performances.

CJ ENM announced on Nov 23rd, “Kara Stray Kids, ITZY and TXT will perform special stages at ‘2022 MAMA AWARDS’.”

Mama 2022

First, Kara, which is returning as a whole after 7 years, will visit fans. “2022 MAMA AWARDS” previously announced that Kara will appear as a whole and reveal their new song’s stage for the first time. Besides, a medley stage of Kara’s hit songs was additionally announced on Nov 23rd. Kara is planning to embroider “2022 MAMA AWARDS” with a medley of “Lupin”, “Mister” and “STEP”.

Stray Kids‘ unique creative performance will also be prepared. Stray Kids, which is setting various records such as No.1 on “Billboard 200” for 2 consecutive times with a distinct team color, is heralding a more experimental stage than ever before. On this stage, “Kyocera Dome Osaka” is expected to transform into a bizarre laboratory that creates an abnormal group.

Stray Kids Hyunjin

The performance of girl group ITZY, which has presented unprecedented performances at year-end awards ceremonies, cannot be missed. ITZY will perform their new song’s stage for the first time at “2022 MAMA AWARDS”. In particular, as ITZY brought an amazing performance with actor Heo Sung Tae on the MAMA stage last year, attention is paid to what kind of performance they will showcase at “2022 MAMA AWARDS”.

The performance of TXT was also announced. TXT, which has shown an unrivaled presence with trendy melodies and solid storytelling, will become Romeo, who fell into anger and loss after his first love was broken, and present a performance that can only be seen at “2022 MAMA AWARDS”.

Mama 2022

While the surprise performance spoiler is heating up anticipation, the list of “2022 MAMA AWARDS” red carpet MCs has been unveiled. Broadcaster Ahn Hyun Mo, actor Nam Yoon Soo, dancers Gabee and Aiki were selected as red carpet MCs for “2022 MAMA AWARDS”. Ahn Hyun Mo, Nam Yoon Soo and Gabee will appear on Nov 29th, the first day of the awards ceremony. Ahn Hyun Mo, Nam Yoon Soo and Aiki will appear on Nov 30th, the second day.

Meanwhile, “2022 MAMA AWARDS” will be held at Kyocera Dome Osaka, Japan for two days from Nov 29th to Nov 30th and will also be broadcast live online worldwide. The red carpet event and the main awards ceremony will be broadcast live on Mnet from 16:00 and 18:00 (KST), respectively. In addition, “2022 MAMA AWARDS” can be watched online in more than 200 countries around the world through channels and platforms in each region of the world, YouTube Mnet K-POP, Mnet TV, M2 and KCON official’s channels.

Source: Daum

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