The culprit of Song Ji-hyo’s short haircut catastrophe has been identified

Recently, the whole story of Song Ji-hyo’s short haircut, because of which fans’ complaints are overflowing, has been revealed.

On Dec 6th, a video titled “Who catastrophically ruined Song Ji-hyo‘s styling?” was posted on the YouTube channel “Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho.” On this day, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, a former reporter, revealed the contents of his phone call with stylist A, who has worked for more than 10 years in the broadcast industry.

Song Ji-hyo short haircut

According to A’s phone call, “First, based on Song Ji-hyo’s experience in this industry, there’s no way that the stylist manager or company can order it from her. It can’t happen without your own will,” they said. “It’s not just 1 or 2cm. We don’t cut it that much even for dramas,” they added.

Song Ji-hyo short haircut

They then said, “However, there are cases that their hair styling got shockingly changed due to the movies they are filming. The actor gotta listen to what the director or makeup team says while filming the movie. However, if the actor is not going to film such movies, then it’s their own will to cut their hair like that.” They emphasized, “The hairstyling problem can be seen as almost impossible in this industry without your own will.”

Song Ji-hyo short haircut

Regarding wearing a coat with a torn hem at the 2021 Asian Artist Awards (AAA) held on Dec 2nd, they added, “If the person in charge is not someone who is capable of their work on the site, they may not have known the problem of the coat hem,” adding, “I think it’s the stylist side that didn’t pay attention to it.”

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo recently appeared with an unconventional short haircut, surprising the public. In response, fans of Song Ji-hyo issued a statement saying, “We demand Song Ji-hyo’s styling improvement.”

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