Chungha: “Finding Energy Again as a DJ, Struggling with Multitasking”

Chungha Opens Up About the Challenges of Being a Radio DJ

On November 5th, KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show’ had a phone call with Chungha.

When Park Myung Soo connected with Chungha over the phone, he jokingly asked, “Why aren’t you on ‘Radio Show’? Isn’t it supposed to start when the music starts?” Chungha expressed her regret, saying, “Yes, that’s right. I need to get ready quickly.”


Recalling the past, Park Myung Soo mentioned, “I took a really good photo of Chungha during ‘Hal Myung Soo.’ I still have that photo. Chungha looked really pretty.”

Chungha is currently active as the DJ for KBS Cool FM’s ‘Chungha’s Volume Up.’ When Park Myung Soo asked about the differences between being a DJ and appearing as a guest, Chungha explained, “In the beginning, I found it difficult to adapt, but now I’m gradually getting used to it, so it’s okay.” Park Myung Soo humorously advised, “If you think you can’t handle it, just let us know. There are many people waiting in line behind you.”


Discussing the advantages and challenges of being a radio DJ, Chungha said, “The advantages are that I can communicate with many people, regain vitality, and share empathy. There are numerous challenges, though. I need to pay attention to my habitual speech patterns, pronunciation, and quick reactions. I also have to manage time. I don’t consider myself good at multitasking, so I thought someone who’s good at multitasking should be hosting the show.”

Park Myung Soo encouraged Chungha, saying, “You’re learning step by step, and you can become a famous DJ in the future. I’m not there yet. At 8 o’clock, I listen to Chungha’s radio. Do well in the future.”

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