Top 10 sexiest moments of BLACKPINK Jennie in 2022

Although it has only been half the years, BLACKPINK Jennie has been so alluring she swept fans off their feet numerous times. Below are 10 of her most iconic moments

1. February cover of Elle Korea

jennie elle
Jennie was the cover girl for the February issue of fashion magazine Elle Korea.
jennie elle
Here, the idol proved herself as the “Human Chanel”, as she adorned exclusive designs from this French luxury design house. In a three-piece suit, Jennie perfectly flaunted her tiny waist and abs. 
jennie elle
No need for fancy styling, the BLACKPINK member never failed to exude classiness and charm. 

2. In casual clothes at home

jennie bed
A series of photos featuring Jennie on her bed at home, wearing casual clothes gained over 8.5 million likes on Instagram. Jennie’s physique is truly a dream for many girls 
jennie bed
Some even commented that they are jealous of Jennie’s dogs!

3. Photoshoot for #MyCalvins

jennie Calvin Klein
As the global ambassador for Calvin Klein, Jennie participated in the #MyCalvins advertising campaign. 
jennie Calvin Klein
The female idol boldly showed off her perfect body in underwear. 

4. Chanel’s Fall 2022 show at Paris Fashion Week

Jennie outfits in America
At this fashion show, Jennie once again cemented her title as the “human Chanel”. Literally nobody can wear the outfit as well as Jennie.
Jennie Chanel Show Paris Fashion Week 2022
Jennie’s straight shoulder and prominent collarbone easily drew eyes. 

5. Jacquemus’s Spring 2022 show in Hawaii

Jennie looked like a “summer goddess” while attending Jacquemus’s seaside fashion show in Hawaii. 
Here, the female idol adopted the rising “underboob” trend with her pink crop-top

6. Hawaii beach trip

Jennie’s photo in her swimming suit drew over 8.4 million likes on Instagram. It was later revealed through a Vlog that Jennie had to work hard to get this perfect shot. 

7. Jennie in glasses

Jennie is also an ambassador for the eyewear brand Gentle monster 
The female idol rocking her iconic orange hair at an event of the brand

8. Coachella 2022

Jennie’s outfit at the 2022 music festival Coachella went viral with over 9.2 million likes on Instagram. Her backless was totally the talk of town. 
A later photo of Jennie in a halter top also attracted over 8.7 million likes. 

9. Jennie with nose ring 

On the cover of fashion magazine W Korea, Jennie appeared extremely bold in a white tip with deep neck cut, a black boater hat, and nose bridge rings. 

10. Rolling Stones photoshoot

In her Rolling Stones pictorial, Jennie boasted her perfect waist and shoulders in a purple crochet crop-top and cardigan. 
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