“I do everything I set my mind to”, Suzy’s upcoming drama “Anna” drops its character posters 

“Anna” draws attention by unveiling posters of four characters.  

Coupang Play original series “Anna”, which will premiere this summer, has released four character posters. “Anna” depicts the story of a woman who starts living a completely different life from a small lie.

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The four character posters show the strong presence of Yumi and Anna, a woman with two identities played by Suzy, and the three important people surrounding her.

First, in Suzy’s poster, Anna looks far away. The desire to gain a high place is seen in her eyes. The phrase that reads, “It has always been like that. I do everything I set my mind to” raises curiosity about the life Anna builds up with her lies and whether she will end up being exposed. 


In Jung Eun Chae’s poster, the cold expression of Hyun Joo, Anna’s former boss and the protagonist of a superior life, who owns plenty of things from her birth, along with a phrase that reads, “If you live by stealing someone else’s life, you will have to pay the price“, foreshadows the pressure and breathtaking tension that Anna will feel.


Anna’s husband, Ji Hoon (Kim Jun Han), also pushes her. A phrase added over the look of him untying his tie as if he is fed up with something, reads, “Are you confident that you can live your life like you used to? If things go wrong, I won’t stay still.” It makes viewers wonder what kind of conflict between Ji Hoon and Anna will be presented.  


In the last poster, Ji Won (Park Ye Young), a senior in the editorial department of the university’s school magazine, whom Anna trusts and relies on, brings a warm sensibility to the drama. The phrase, “I decided to tell the world about your story,” stimulates curiosity about what kind of relationship Ji Won, who has a strong will and belief, will develop with Anna after she becomes a reporter.


The various colors of Suzy, Jung Eun Chae, Kim Jun Han, Park Ye Young and their chemistry is heating up anticipation for “Anna”. The drama will be released on Coupang Play every Friday at 8:00 pm KST starting from June 24th.

Source: daum

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