Before Moonbin’s funeral: K-pop idols wear mourning attire to the airport

The departure of ASTRO Moonbin has caused immense grief among his colleagues, family, and fans, who show solemn in different ways, 

On April 19th, the public was shocked to learn about the passing of ASTRO Moonbin at the age of 25. Everyone was deeply saddened, as Moonbin always had a positive and bright image, without any controversies. 


As a result, Moonbin’s colleagues in the entertainment industry have been expressing their sorrow and paying tribute to the late idol in various ways. Before his funeral on April 22nd, many K-pop idols, who appeared at the airport, have expressed their condolences. In particular, they all wore dark-colored clothes and maintained a solemn demeanor at the airport. 

On the morning of April 22nd, BTS Suga departed from Incheon Airport to New York, USA, for his schedule. He wore an all-black outfit as a sign of respect. 

In the evening of April 21st, VIVIZ members Umji, SinB, and Eunha (formerly GFRIEND) also embarked on their journey to Las Vegas, USA, according to their schedule. The three girls wore all-black attire, with hats and masks on, bowing their heads to hide their emotions.


SinB was Moonbin’s close friend from the same hometown since they were 8 years old, but she could not stay to send him off due to her schedule. Meanwhile, Umji was also Moonbin’s close friend in the 98-liner group. The image of the two girls leaning on each other at the airport was heartbreaking.

(G)I-DLE Miyeon and Shuhua also wore all-black outfits, expressing sadness for the passing of their colleague.

GOT7 BamBam wore a solemn all-black outfit to remember Moonbin.

During his lifetime, Moonbin was very close to the members of MONSTA X. Therefore, Hyungwon and Kihyun could not hide their sadness after the sad news


ENHYPEN also showed up in black to remember Moonbin.

Moonbin’s funeral was held privately at 8 a.m (KST) on April 22nd at the Asan Medical Center Funeral Home in Seoul.

Source: Newsen, Dispatch 

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