Netizens baffled by Stray Kids Felix’s ambitious dating schedule 

A video showing a date schedule made by Stray Kids member Felix has been drawing massive attention across various platforms. 

On July 24th, a topic titled “Reasons why dating an idol is difficult” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate. 

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The topic has since gained almost 200,000 views, with variations of it being posted to various other platforms. In fact, Felix even went viral in Chinese platform Weibo over this topic, and has trended at No.6 on Weibo’s Entertainment chart and No.10 on the main chart.

Meanwhile, in the original topic, the author attached a screenshot of Stray Kids Felix, who made an extremely ambitious “dating schedule”. 

In particular, Felix’s ambitious dating schedule, which was made under the title “A day of dating with STAY – compiled by Felix” is as follows (STAY here refers to Stray Kids’ fans): 

  1. Having Korean food for breakfast
  2. Taking a walk to digest the food 
  3. Going to a pet cafe + Petting dogs and cats
  4. Cycling at the park + Talking + Taking photos 
  5. Going to the cinema
  6. Shopping
  7. Having dinner (Paid by Felix)
  8. Shopping again
  9. Sincere conversation at a park or in a cafe 

According to the author, Felix must be extremely resilient to follow such a schedule, and they would be sick for 3 days if they go on a date with Felix like this. 

On the other hand, while netizens seem to share the sentiments, fans express that as long as it’s Felix, no rigorous schedule can hinder them.

Original post: Pann Nate

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • The fact that he was so serious about it… It is hilarious
  • I think this is only possible under the premise that you can only go on a date for one day
  • No but, what kind of school trip course is this?
  • Felix is so cute but if I go on a date like this, I will end up bedridden for days 
  • He even said he’s paying… Felix you are seriously so cute 
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