G-Dragon mentions his comeback after 6 years, “My goal is to release a new album within 3 months” 

Big Bang G-Dragon finally gave a signal about his solo comeback.

In a recent interview with Harper’s BAZAAR magazine, G-Dragon revealed his plans for future activities.

Earlier, G-Dragon announced through a video on his Youtube channel ‘Official G-Dragon’ that he would carry out various activities in 2023.


In this regard, G-Dragon shared, “There are many ways to greet fans and the audience when I’m active. Since I haven’t released an album for 6 years, I think it would take forever to release an album if I just stay still and I’m also trying to put pressure on myself.”

He continued, “I wanted to tell my fans that I hope they would include news of my activities among the things they look forward to in the new year. Whether they are waiting for me or not, I am preparing a project that can excite them in many ways.”


In fact, many fans are very upset because G-Dragon has not released any album for 6 years, including his military service period, since “Kwon Ji Yong” (2017).

When Harper’s BAZAAR frankly asked whether a new album is coming out, G-Dragon firmly declared, “I have to release it. I made a promise.” 


He then added, “I’m preparing a new album with the goal of releasing it within 3 months. It will be possible if everything goes as planned”, showing his confidence.

However, G-Dragon was hesitant to reveal the exact stage his album’s production has progressed, saying he couldn’t disclose much about it at the moment.

Upon hearing this news, fans are now enthusiastically raising high expectations on the new music that G-Dragon, who has overwhelmed the music industry with his unique style, will capture their hearts this time.

Source: Insight

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