Han Ji-min reveals her celebrity-like older sister… “I managed to tell boys not to call my sister late at night”

Actress Han Ji-min revealed her beautiful older sister.

Han Ji-min appeared on Channel A & LG HelloVision’s entertainment program “I Like Go Doo-shim”, which aired on May 29th.

Han Ji-min

On this day, Go Doo-shim and Han Ji-min went on a trip to Gyeongju, looking for famous restaurants and touring around. The two visited a bean soup restaurant and had a talk there. When Go Doo-shim asked Han Ji-min why she started acting, Han Ji-min replied, “I was shy and had no talent. But strangely, I kept getting accepted at auditions. I didn’t have much desire to become an actress at that time. I did it because I was told to do it, so it seems like I wasn’t nervous.”

Han Ji-min

She also mentioned her debut work SBS’ “All In” (2003) and shared a fateful anecdote, “I debuted as Song Hye-kyo’s child counterpart. I was asked to audition, but I didn’t go because my first overseas family trip and the audition overlapped. However, the role wasn’t decided even after the trip, so I went to the audition again as they told me to come.”

Han Ji-min

On the other hand, Han Ji-min revealed her older sister, who is two years older than her. Han Ji-min said, “She’s very pretty and popular. I was famous not as Han Ji-min, but as her younger sibling.” In the two-shot of the sisters, which was then released, Han Ji-min’s older sister showed off her outstanding beauty that is comparable to Han Ji-min. Her elegant aura stood out.

Han Ji-min

Han Ji-min made everyone laugh as she added, “My sister had many friends and boys liked her. Instead of being jealous, I used to scold my sister a lot. I nagged her, ‘How can you eat for two hours, too slow’, ‘Why are you using the phone so much? The phone bill is going to be high’. I even managed to tell boys not to call her late at night. My sister’s friends were scared of me.”

Source: Daum

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