Gummy ♥ Jo Jung Suk, who were engulfed in “affair” rumors, were caught together here 

The couple of Gummy and Jo Jung Suk had a hard time with recent rumors of an affair.

Recently, Jo Jung Suk‘s side denied the rumors of an affair with a female golfer, expressing their displeasure. 

Jo Jung Suk’s agency, Jam Entertainment, dismissed the rumors, saying, “It is absurd that the false facts and various speculations that we and the actor himself are related to people we never met face-to-face are turned into facts as if they were true.”

jo jung suk

Actor Jo Jung Suk has no personal acquaintance with any female golf player, nor even a one-on-one relationship,” the company said, foreshadowing legal action. 

In fact, there was nothing wrong with the romantic relationship between Gummy and Jo Jung Suk.

On November 12th, Gummy’s 20th anniversary concert was held with great success at Seongam Cultural Gymnasium at Namseoul University in Cheonan. 

On this day, Gummy prepared a surprise gift for the fans. She performed a duet stage with her husband Jo Jung Suk, boasting a fantastic harmony.

Although Jo Jung Suk did not directly attend the concert, he showed off his outstanding singing skills through pre-recorded videos. 

The two sang “Special Love”, a duet song by Wheesung and Gummy, showing intense emotions and causing the audience to have eargasms.

As the one-of-a-kind stage unfolded, netizens showed enthusiastic reactions and left comments such as “A great scene has been created” and “I wish the two of them could release a duet song.”

Meanwhile, Jo Jung Suk and Gummy started dating in February 2015 after being introduced by an acquaintance in 2013.

The two, who have been in a beautiful relationship that receive great support from the public, got married in 2018. 

Source: Insight

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