“Again My Life” writers, “We trusted Lee Joon-gi 100%”

Writers of “Again My Life” showed strong trust in actor Lee Joon-gi.

In an interview with OSEN on June 2nd, writers J (Yoo Jung-soo) and Kim Yul (Kim Yu-ri), who were in charge of the script for the recently ended SBS drama “Again My Life”, shared stories about this work.

Again My Life

“Again My Life” is a drama adaptation based on the popular web novel and webtoon of the same name. It centers around a talented young prosecutor who gets a second chance at justice after failing to bring down a powerful individual. It was loved so much that it recorded the highest viewership rating of 12% (Nielsen Korea, national standard) in episode 15, showing didactic morality and satisfying pleasure.

again my life

In particular, the drama was well-received thanks to various actors, including Lee Joon-gi (as the main character Kim Hee-woo) and Lee Geung-young (as the final boss villain Cho Tae-sub). In this regard, writer Yoo Jung-soo said, “All the actors did a good job in their respective roles.”

Again My Life

Writer Yoo Jung-soo continued, “I was worried about Lee Joon-gi’s overwhelming screen time, but seeing him happily lead the set with the director, I thought that he’s a great actor not only in acting but also in personality. He was an irreplaceable actor to the extent that Kim Hee-woo seemed to be reincarnated in the work. While doing ‘Again My Life’, I became a fan of Lee Joon-gi and I’ll continue to support him in the future. Likewise, I’ll sincerely support all the actors of ‘Again My Life’.”

Lee Jun Ki

Writer Kim Yu-ri confessed, “After watching the last episode (episode 16), I told actor Lee Joon-gi, ‘I can’t imagine Kim Hee-woo without Lee Joon-gi.’ He digested the character beyond perfection. His passion for the work was so great that it made me reflect on myself as a writer. When the writer trusts the actor, the script is bound to have more vitality, and in that respect, I think I trusted actor Lee Joon-gi 100%.”

Again my life

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