“Different from the original webtoon, please focus on Kim Go-eun and Park Jin-young’s heart-fluttering flirting” (Yumi’s Cells 2)

The original TVing series “Yumi’s Cells 2” will return with a more exciting story.

Yumi’s Cells 2” (directed by Lee Sang-yeop, Joo Sang-kyu/scripted by Song Jae-jung, Kim Kyung-ran) will be released on June 10th. Season 2 will continue the atmosphere of season 1, which was loved for Yumi (Kim Go-eun)’s empathetic daily life mixed with a creative imagination. In response, director Lee Sang-yeop, writer Song Jae-jung, and writer Kim Kyung-ran directly pointed out what the viewers should watch out for in season 2.

Last season, Yumi had a heartbreaking breakup with Koo. Season 2 will be about how Yumi forgets the pain and returns to her daily life. On top of that, her flirting moments with Bobby (Park Jin-young) are also highly expected.

Yumi's Cells 2

Director Lee Sang-yeop chose “excitement” and “growth” as the keywords for season 2. Director Lee Sang-yeop said, “Yumi’s lovely challenge begins again after breaking up, overcoming sadness and moving into a new phase of life. At the same time, Bobby, who has a completely different charm from Woong, approaches Yumi. Her romance with Bobby, who is honest and outspoken, will begin with excitement.

Song Jae-jeong also pointed out how Yumi has matured to the next level. “In Season 2, Yumi starts a relationship she chooses with her clear will, realizes what she really wants to do, and boldly moves toward her dream,” writer Song Jae-jung said. “If Yumi was the object of empathy in Season 1, Yumi of season 2 bravely moves forward. I think Yumi could be anyone’s little role model. It’s nice to see how her love helps her grows and how that growth changes her values for love,” the creator said.

Writer Kim Kyung-ran said, “In Season 2, Yumi goes further and runs toward her dream,” adding, “She might fall, but I think many viewers will sympathize with her because she is not different from a normal young person.”

Yumi's Cells 2

Yumi’s flirting relationship with Bobby is also a key point to watch in Season 2. Director Lee Sang-yeop said, “If her relationship with Woong was like dating a friend, her relationship with Bobby is like a relationship of youth. I wanted to give Yumi a feeling that she is growing up. I think those are another aspect of Yumi’s relationships that we can sympathize with in real life,” referring to his directing point.

“Unlike Season 1 when Yumi met Woong, an IT man who was far from her ideal type on a forced blind date, Bobby is Yumi’s perfect ideal type and exactly like what she has dreamed of. Their relationship will soon begin with excitement,” he said, explaining the difference with season 1.

Yumi's Cells 2

Kim Go-eun and Park Jin-young’s romantic chemistry is drawing attention. Director Lee Sang-yeop said, “During preparation, the two actors communicated a lot with each other even when at the filming set. It was nice to see Yumi and Bobby monitoring each other’s acting and softly exchanging their opinions at every moment.” Director Lee Sang-yeop said, “Actor Park Jin-young’s eyes are very deep. His eye acting is so good that it felt like he was really in love with actress Kim Go-eun just by facing each other,” he said.

Many are looking forward to the unstoppable performance of “the Cells” this season as well. Director Lee Sang-yeop said, “Yumi will go through new situations with her Cells clumsily and skillfully. More Cells will appear compared to season 1, making Yumi’s head noisy, but all of them loves and supports Yumi. Please look forward to the activities of Bobby’s Cells as well.”

Yumi's Cells 2

Song Jae-jeong then mentioned Bobby and Yumi’s “Tongue Cells,” while Kim Kyung-ran said “Right-handed cells” as Cells everyone should look forward to, and said, “We are looking forward to their brave and bold actions.”

Finally, Director Lee Sang-yeop said, “I think everyone will fall in love with Bobby. The activities of his cute Cells are a bonus. The story, which is slightly different from the original webtoon, will show the audience a new tension and fun stories.”

Yumi's Cells 2

Writer Song Jae-jung said, “Please look forward to the second act of Yumi’s life, which has not just her romance with Bobby, but also her small daily life which is spectacular and ever-changing as well.” Writer Kim Kyung-ran said, “In addition to the Cells of Season 1, which were loved by many, strong and interesting Cells are coming as well, so please wait for what will happen inside Yumi’s head.”

“Yumi’s Cells 2” will be released exclusively on TVing on June 10th.

Source: Daum

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