“Cleaning Up”, the follow-up drama to “My Liberation Notes” draws expectations 

The main cast of “Cleaning Up”, Yum Jung Ah, Jeon So Min, and Kim Jae Hwa, promise to sweep the viewers’ hearts. 

On June 2nd, the press conference for JTBC’s upcoming weekend drama “Cleaning Up” was held online with the attendance of director Yoon Sung Sik and actors Yum Jung Ah, Jeon So Min, Kim Jae Hwa, Lee Moo Saeng, and Na In Woo

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Based on the British series of the same name, “Cleaning Up” is a crime-comedy drama that tells an unpredictable story of three cleaning ladies at a financial securities company who jumped into a stock war with information about insider trading that they accidentally heard in an attempt to change their lives. It tells the story of three sanitation workers with shields. “Cleaning Up” marks the collaboration of director Yoon Sung Sik of “Hwarang” and “Bridal Mask” and writer Choi Kyung Mi of “Return”.

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Director Yoon Sung Sik said, “The drama deals with the gap. It deals with the gap between upper and lower life, people who have something to lose and people who have nothing to lose. It is an unusual challenge for people who have nothing to lose but have something to protect. It can be seen as the story of Eo Yong Mi, who jumps into the crime scene with desperation. It can be sad, lonely, and also happy. You will be able to fully enjoy such emotions through Yum Jung Ah’s acting.”

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The director continued, “I think there are many people who are supporting and looking forward to the genre of female capers. In my opinion, the difference from the original comes from the depth of the characters. The characters are diverse and sincere. It does not just follow the flow of events, but also deals with emotional lines in detail. I thought it would be filled with tension, but I tried to keep the comedy element alive. I tried to make it as pleasant and fun to watch as possible. And because it is a drama focusing on Eo Yong Mi, there are many emotions and moments of Eo Yong Mi being shown. Subjective camera walking was used. Although it is difficult to film, we tried to make it easier for viewers to immerse themselves in the character, Eo Yong Mi, through filming techniques as much as possible.”

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Yum Jung Ah, who returned to the small screen after about three years since “SKY Castle”, plays Eo Yong Mi, a cleaner for Bestid Investment & Securities. She lives a busy 25-hour day as a janitor on weekdays and a housekeeper on weekends.  Because she is a strong mother and head of household who has to take care of her two daughters. Then, on the threshold of survival, she decides to resort to insider trading.

Yum Jung Ah said, “I play a single mother raising her two daughters alone, and she is a busy woman who splits her day to make a living. She overhears insider trading information, and she illegally participates in it with the hopes that this will be a chance for her and that the jackpot will come. There are all sorts of situations, such as joy, sadness, and precarious moments, and I acted as naturally as possible so that viewers could sympathize with my character.”

The actress continued, “I didn’t intentionally create any tone to act. I tried to express it with as much naturalness as I could. I hope that such sincerity is conveyed well.”

Jeon So Min plays Ahn In Kyung, Eo Yong Mi’s co-worker. She is earning money while working hard at her job as a cleaner to fulfill her dream of setting up a small food truck and starting a mobile cafe. She is tied to the decision of Eo Yong Mi, but because of her timid personality, she often puts the brakes on the ‘rapid rush’ of the stock war they are involved in. 

Jeon So Min said, “The dramai is interesting and unique. I was most attracted to the fact that I could be with good people. It has a different charm from my previous works. My role in ‘Cleaning Up’ is lively, dynamic, and fun. The atmosphere itself is very different. I made fun of Ahn In Kyung for being an idiot and so immature, but I also think she’s cute and lovely.”

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Kim Jae Hwa takes on the role of a “beast”, aiming for a tempting prize in life. The character Soo Ja is a woman friendly enough to let even strangers take off their underwear in five minutes if they decide to. She lives her life according to need, gain and loss. She is an immovable crystal with a thousand faces and ten thousand plans, but she is also a person who is indispensable to the team’s trading scheme and will shine even more in difficult times.

Kim Jae Hwa said, “I received up to 4 copies of the script and lost track of time while reading them. The interesting thing is that Eo Yong Mi commits illegal things, but at some point, my character takes Eo Yong Mi’s side. Even the wild beast was in various emotional situations, and it was fun to solve them. That’s why I really wanted to do it.”

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Yum Jung Ah, Jeon So Min, and Kim Jae Hwa also talked about how they felt working together on set. Yum Jung A said, “If the scene I imagined while reading the script is acted out on set, the fun is multiplied several times without realizing it. Every scene we filmed together is so enjoyable and fun.” Jeon So Min said, “I received a lot of help on the set. It made filming much more exciting and fun for me.  There are many comical and entertaining scenes led by Kim Jae Hwa. When the three of us are together, it feels like we are invincible.”  Kim Jae Hwa said, “I’m having a new experience these days. When I talk to Yum Jung Ah, I always feel like I was electrocuted. When the three of us get together, there are scenes where we are nervous and there are scenes where we are very happy. The various emotions bring so much fun. Jeon So Min made it so realistic that I don’t know if she’s talking or saying lines, so I’m learning a lot from the two of them.”

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Lee Moo Saeng plays Lee Young Shin, a mysterious character. He is a man who is like a live-action version of romance, and he has everything women want, from romantic yet subtly sexy looks to gentle way of speaking.  Although he is an informant at a law firm, the mysterious aspect of not knowing the exact job doubles his attractive charm.

Lee Moo Saeng said, “I was interested in the genre. I focused on the character. I thought about how Lee Young Shin could look more mysterious. He is rational yet instinctive, and on the other side of his gentleness, he also has the appearance of a cold urban man.”

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Na In Woo plays Doo Young, a doctoral student. He is proficient in mechanical and electrical related knowledge, and has a pure, warm charm. It is expected that Na In Woo’s unique innocence and brightness will create synergy with Doo Young’s personality.

Yum Jung Ah raised expectations for the drama, saying, “There are so many charming characters. They will show lively performances. You can check out such characters every weekend. Each episode has a thrilling ending. You will be looking forward to the next episode.” Lee Moo Saeng said, “It’s a story about people who cross the line.  Please confirm through the broadcast how they crossed that line and why they had no choice but to cross it.” Director Yoon Sung Sik added, “The ending of each episode will not disappoint you. An unpredictable ending awaits. It is a drama that combines various genres. It’s like a comprehensive gift set and it’s like a roller coaster, so please give it a lot of love.”

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JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Cleaning Up” will premiere on June 4th at 10:30 PM KST.

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