“Amazing Saturday” Kim So Yeon, “13 years ago, I borrowed Taeyeon’s underpants. I still keep it as a lucky charm”

Actress Kim So Yeon revealed that she still keeps the underpants she borrowed from Taeyeon 13 years ago as a lucky charm.

Appearing on tvN’s variety show “Amazing Saturday” on May 6th, Kim So Yeon drew attention by telling an anecdote she had with one of the MCs.

The actress then summoned Taeyeon as the main character of the story. She said, “I met her (Taeyeon) on a program 13 years ago. I had to prepare something similar to a dance, but I happened to wear a short skirt that day. While wondering what to do, I thought Taeyeon would have something like underpants or shorts because she’s from a girl group (Girls’ Generation), so I asked her and she willingly lent one to me.”

kim so yeon

Kim So Yeon continued, “Thanks to her, I filmed the scene successfully. I told Taeyeon that I would wash it and deliver it back to her, but she said, ‘It’s okay’, and told me to keep it as a gift saying”, adding “It was such an honor to me since it’s Taeyeon’s underpants. I washed it and then wear it on days when I feel happy or do something important.”

She added, “It’s like a lucky charm for me and it really has good energy. It’s so lucky that I’m encouraged a lot when wearing it”. When asked if she still keeps the underpants, the actress replied, “It has become a little fuzzy, but I still keep it because it’s lucky”.

This episode of “Amazing Saturday” featured the main characters of tvN’s new drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938” Lee Dong Wook, Kim So Yeon, and Kim Bum.

Source: Nate

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