Sandara Park attracts attention with her perfect body figure made by doing exercises every day in new photos

Singer Sandara Park boasted her mannequin-like physique. 

On April 28th, Sandara Park posted several photos taken recently on her Instagram account with no caption.

The released pictures show Sandara Park doing various poses in a place believed to be a hotel in a foreign country. In particular, her outstanding physique stood out.

Sandara Park wore a close-fitting dress that reveals her body lines, showing off her sexy charm. Sandara Park still caught the eyes of netizens with her top-notch body proportion even when not wearing high heels.

Although Sandara Park, who is 162cm tall and weighs only 41kg, is quite skinny, her amazing body figure drew admiration.

The female singer looked straight at the camera with her confident eyes and her lips slightly open, giving off the vibe of a photoshoot.

Sandara Park previously revealed her secret of building a solid and muscular body. Revealing that she had invested a considerable amount of time in working out, she said, “I do aerobic exercises with an empty stomach in the morning, PT, home training, diet, and abs exercises 400 times before going to bed.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park’s group – 2NE1 recently performed as a whole group at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival held in California. 

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