Idols reveal how their companies regulate dating

After the dating news of Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Kai (EXO) was released, fans are curious about the dating rules of other entertainment agency.

Have you ever wondered whether or not entertainment companies have rules on dating? The answer is yes. Most of the entertainment companies in the Korean entertainment industry have come up with terms of banning their artists from dating. Idols are the role models for thousands of fans around the world. Many fans even treat idols as a belief of their own! Therefore, dating someone and being caught will greatly affect the career of not only that idol but also the group.

Idols reveal how their companies regulate dating

But not all agency prevent their artists from “following their hearts”. After the shocking dating news of Jennie (BLACKPINK – YG Entertainment) and Kai (EXO – SM Entertainment) right on the first day of 2019, let’s find out which companies forbid their idols from dating.

YG Entertainment: Prohibited dating but there are exceptions

Of course, YG will be the first company to be mentioned in this list. During the promotion for “As If It’s Your Last”, the BLACKPINK members stated: “There is no change in the dating ban stated in our contract. Today we sing “As If It’s Your Last” while thinking about our fans – the people we love the most! “

Chanhyuk (Akdong Musicians) also shared that YG is a “cool” company in terms of dating: “President Yang Hyunsuk allows me to date but only me. He said that dating helps me get the inspiration to compose, but he banned Suhyun (the other member of AKMU) from dating because she was too young. “

Did Jennie (BLACKPINK) violate YG’s prohibition against dating?

Big Hit Entertainment: Doesn’t ban dating but artists … don’t want to date

Since the day of their debut, BTS hasn’t received any dating ban from their company – Big Hit Entertainment. Members are also free to use their own mobile phones. The BTS’s agency said: “Although there is no ban on dating in the contract, the members are very focused on their work and try their best to create art every day.”

BTS – hard-working boys

JYP Entertainment: Every artist is banned from dating for the first 3 years after their debut

As the agency of TWICE, GOT7 and other idols, JYP Entertainment has long been known for prohibiting their idols dating for the first 3 years after debut. Former JYP trainee Somi said: “We are not allowed to date for 3 years after debut.”


Last October, TWICE celebrated their 3rd anniversary which means that the 9 girls are now allowed to date. However, with the current dense schedule, fans agree that JYP’s “cash cows” will continue to focus on their career instead of having a relationship.


Pledis Entertainment: Prohibited dating for the first 3-4 years

PRISTIN member KyulKyung once revealed about the policy of Pledis on dating: “They told me that the dating ban is valid for 3-4 years.”


Banana Culture Entertainment: Allow dating

Hani (EXID) also shared about the company’s opinion on dating: “They told me that even if I have a boyfriend, that’s my problem. I should manage it myself.”

Hani (EXID)
Hani (EXID)

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