“Is that really Park Chan-ho’s signed ball?”… “Narco-Saints” director explained the meaning of the baseball in the drama

A signed ball of the famous Korean baseball player Park Chan-ho appeared on Netflix’s drama “Narco-Saints” as a prop? Was it real?

On September 14th, baseball player Park Chan-ho expressed his happiness after seeing “Park Chan-ho’s signed ball” on “Narco-Saints”. In the drama, drug lord Jeon Yo-hwan (Hwang Jung-min) appeared as a passionate fan of baseball and there was a scene where Park Chan-ho’s signed ball came out.

Park Chan-ho wrote, “Am I the only person who was surprised to see this? My signed ball appeared in the drama. It’s a signed ball with my own handwriting. The price of a handwritten signed ball is quite expensive, but it’s being used as a prop for a dramaㅋㅋ”

In a recent interview with media outlets, director Yoon Jong-bin revealed a behind-the-scenes story about Park Chan-ho’s signed ball.

It turned out that the ball was donated by Park Chan-ho Foundation. 

Director Yoon explained, “The only real thing that Jeon Yo-hwan has is the signed ball. The fact that he gives it to Kang In-gu (Ha Jung-woo) means he trusts Kang In-gu sincerely. The baseball symbolizes the two’s relationship”.

He added, “Kang In-gu leaves to make a lot of money in Suriname, but eventually returns to the starting point”, adding “While we are talking about whether the signed ball that appears in the last scene is real or fake, what I wanted to ask is whether there exists a place where we can live happily and well no matter what we do”.

Source: dispatch

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