5 Korean actors with outstanding successes in 2022, known for visuals that age like fine wine

2022 introduces fans to a lot of successful K-dramas and movies, and below are some notable actors with outstanding works within this year. 

Hyun Bin

In 2022, Hyun Bin starred in the blockbuster movie “Confidential Assignment: International“, which was so successful, its box office raked up 56.5 million USD in revenues. In addition, the actor is praised for his acting, which can go from comedic to serious in a flash, alongside stunning action sequences. 

confidential assignment 2
Hyun Bin had a successful comeback with “Confidential Assignment: International” 

Lee Min Ho

If Hyun Bin made an outstanding return on the big screen, then Lee Min Ho achieved a big breakthrough on the small screen via his role of Koh Han Su in “Pachinko”. The series ended up receiving huge critical acclaim and well-deserved awards at prestigious award ceremonies. 

In addition, it was known that to secure the role of Koh Han Su, Lee Min Ho had to audition for the first time in 13 years. The actor has been receiving casting offers instead of seeking out opportunities and auditioning since the success of “Boys Over Flowers”.

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho’s portrayal of Koh Han Su in “Pachinko” received a lot of praise.

In “Pachinko”, Lee Min Ho transformed into a cunning businessman with a dark past. He is a great lover and flirt, but never put love over his ambitions. 

Song Joong Ki

After a cool image in “Vincenzo”, Song Joong Ki continues to steal hearts with his transformation into Jin Do Joon of “Reborn Rich“.

song joong ki reborn rich thumbnail
“Reborn Rich” is receiving a lot of praise 

Ever since the first teaser images, “Reborn Rich” has been the talk of town, and the K-drama truly lived up to expectations. So far, there have been various praises as the audience tune into the interesting plot, the scheming characters, and the brilliant acting of Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min. 

While “Reborn Rich” has only been half-way through, the success it has seen so far is undeniable, and the series is expected to do even better in the future. 

So Ji Sub

In 2022, So Ji Sub has been active on both the big and small screen. First, his K-drama “Doctor Lawyer”, where he starred alongside Shin Sung Rok and Im Soo Hyang received a lot of critical acclaim, and the actor’s portrayal boasted no flaw to be seen. 

Doctor Lawyer vs Why Her?
So Ji Sub in “Doctor Lawyer”

Then, So Ji Sub appeared on the big screen with “Alienoid”, a comedy and action fantasy film which featured Kim Woo Bin, Kim Tae Ri, and Ryu Joon Yeol. In a sense, this movie was compared to a “hot pot”, which combines Western sci-fi with Eastern fantasy, as well as Korean folklore and myths with aliens. 

So Ji Sub in “Alienoid” 

While “Alienoid” did not do as well as expected in terms of box office sales, it is expected to bring new wind to the Korean film industry, which is still reluctant against sci-fi. 

Lee Joon Gi

Last but not least is Lee Joon Gi, who marked his small screen comeback with the revenge drama “Again My Life”. The series, which started with a viewership of 5.8%, saw this number doubled in later episodes, before concluding with an average rating of 9.2%, proving its popularity.

Again My Life
“Again My Life” achieved an average rating of 9,2%

In “Again My Life”, Lee Joon Gi assumed the role of Kim Hee Woo, a prosecutor who was killed while investigating a political scheme. After being granted a 2nd chance, he used his knowledge about the future to pay back all those that have caused harm to him. 

Source: k14

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