Not performing well on the rating chart, “Shooting Stars” still attracts viewers with its childish but sweet story

There are still many points that make *Sh**ting Stars” worth watching despite its poor ratings.

tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Sh**ting Stars” is a romantic comedy that tells the real story of people who shed blood, sweat and tears working behind the back of stars to make them shine in the entertainment industry.

Actors Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon, Park So-jin, Lee Jung-shin and Kim Yoon-hye starred in the drama to portray the realistic and empathetic story behind the scene of showbiz.

Shooting Stars

“Sh**ting Stars” captures the general form of the entertainment industry, not only making the viewers excited with funny moments but also drawing sympathy by tactfully solving the problems that occurred in this world. There are definitely some dramatic exaggerations, such as how rumors are made and the way public relations team leader Oh Han-byul (Lee Sung-kyung) sensibly explains the situation or various forms of stars as well as the struggles of their staff. However, they are still realistic enough to make viewers laugh without feeling awkward. In the meantime, the romance created by Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-dae has also begun in earnest, giving excitement and thrills to the drama fans. Moreover, the fact that Lee Jung-shin also joined the love triangle drew keen interest. 

Shooting Stars

Of course, some people are complaining that the drama is becoming less realistic. Nevertheless, Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Young-dae’s romance is formed starting with their quarrels as friends, and that’s why it has the fresh and sweet charm that fits the romantic comedy genre. The love story between a celebrity and his public relations team leader may be a bit absurd but “Sh**ting Stars” tried their best to make it as realistic as possible, and by adding dramatic details, they made the story that seems to be a little childish become sweeter.

The special appearance of various stars is another point that makes “Sh**ting Stars” worth watching. Actors Song Ji-hyo, Lee Ki-woo, Kim Seul-gi, Kim Dong-wook, Moon Ga-young, etc. appeared with their unique and diverse charms as celebrities and staff, drawing laughter. Since the drama has not ended, the viewers are looking forward to seeing which other stars will appear as cameos.

Lee Sung Kyung

However, it is such a great regret that “Sh**ting Stars” is not performing well on the viewership chart as it keeps recording poor ratings in the range of 1%. Despite its splendid cameo casts and exciting rom-com story, the drama has a significantly low rating. In addition, it didn’t attract as much popularity as previous Friday-Saturday dramas, such as “Yumi’s Cells”, “Happiness”, and “Bad and Crazy”.

Since the love triangle between Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, and Lee Jung-shin is rapidly developing and Choi Ji-woo is expected to appear with a new story, the secrets of the characters are being revealed one after another. Therefore, “Sh**ting Stars” still have a chance to recover its disappointing ratings.


Source: Daum

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