“All Of Us Are Dead” Cho Yi-hyun: “That kiss scene took 17 takes, was finished thanks to Lomon’s consideration”     

Actor Cho Yi-hyun revealed her teamwork with Romon.

On Feb 10th, actor Cho Yi-hyun talked about the Netflix series “All Of Us Are Dead” through a video interview. “All Of Us Are Dead” is a work that tells the story of students who are isolated in their school where the zombie virus began and have to join hands together to survive while waiting for the rescue.

cho yi hyun

Cho Yi-hyun who was trapped in her own wall, changing after realizing the true friendship around her while struggling with her friends between life and death amid the zombie crisis.

In particular, her love line drew a lot of attention as she shows perfect chemistry with Soo-hyuk (played by Lomon). Cho Yi-hyun said, “I have worked with Lomon in a 2017 web drama called ‘Revenge Note’. But we’ve never bumped into each other directly, so we’re actually working together for the first time in ‘All Of Us Are Dead’.”

cho yi hyun

When we first met, tvN drama ‘Hospital Playlist’ was on air. We got close quickly as Lomon approached me first, saying that he was enjoying the show so much and asked me for some spoiler,” she said. “Lomon has a warm personality and takes care of his friends a lot. He always tried to help us when we were tired in terms of physical strength and took good care of us when it was too cold or hot,” she expressed her gratitude towards her acting partner.

She also mentioned the behind-the-scenes of her kiss scene. Cho Yi-hyun said, “It was a scene where I has to close my eyes and approach him, so I couldn’t find his lips and kept kissing his philtrum.” She said with a smile, “I said sorry to Lomon at the time, but I heard the story of him answering “Fine by me” became a hot topic.”

cho yi hyun

She confessed, “In fact, as the filming didn’t go as expected, I had took a 10-minute break while filming to monitor, and the scene was even filmed several times, so I felt so sorry and discouraged not only for Lomon but also for the staff,” adding, “Lomon said that to soothe me. The story sounds fun because I cut the details off, but that scene was finished thanks to Lomon’s consideration,” she said. 

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