Why is the skinship scene of 28-year-old actress Bona criticized? “Joseon Attorney” faces controversy even after it ended

Drama officials talked about the controversy over “Joseon Attorney” unreleased skinship scene posted by Woo Do Hwan.

Woo Do Hwan is criticized for posting a skinship scene with his co-star Kim Ji Yeon (Bona) in the drama “Joseon Attorney”.

“Josen Attorney” is a revenge Joseon series about the process of Kang Han Soo (Woo Do Hwan), an attorney living in the Joseon Dynasty, growing into a real lawyer with the help of Princess Lee Yeon Joo (Kim Ji Yeon).

To soothe viewers’ disappointment after the drama ended, Woo Do Hwan posted an unreleased video on his personal SNS account and express his thoughts on May 20th. 


The video shows the happy ending of Kang Han Soo and Lee Yeon Joo in the drama and contains a short skinship scene of the two lead actors. The two were seen laying under one blanket and then Woo Do Hwan kissed Kim Ji Yeon’s ears. After Kim Ji Yeon smiled, small hearts were inserted into the video to complete a sweet clip.

It was a gift that the actor got from the production team to give to fans who wished to see an affectionate scene of Kang Han Soo & Lee Yeon Joo Couple and drama fans’ responses were enthusiastic. However, some raised concern and poured criticism, such as, “He didn’t care about Kim Ji Yeon”, “Why are you uploading an unreleased video?”, etc. After the controversy intensified as the content of the video was reported in articles on the 22nd, Woo Do Hwan eventually deleted the video.


However, it is said that drama insiders were very surprised by the excessive reactions of some people to the scene, which was not even a high-level skinship scene. Some believe that fans are overprotecting Kim Ji Yeon, who is no longer a minor and is confidently building up her filmography as a leading actress, not as idol Bona.

Last year, Kim Ji Yeon drew keen attention when she appeared in tvN’s “Twenty-five Twenty-one” as Ko Yoo Rim, Na Hee Do’s rival and best friend. In this drama, she also proved her presence as a “romcom” actress with her transformation into a confident and lovely character.


Regarding the unexpected controversy, a drama official said, “The video was released as a fan service to the fans who loved ‘Joseon Attorney’. It was publicly released after consultation with the production team.” They further explained, “The claim that the actor uploaded the skinship scene without consideration for his co-star is a complete misunderstanding. We decided to delete the video because it seemed to have made some people feel uncomfortable.”

Source: Daum

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